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Oliver Insurance Services has provided affordable emergency medical, trip cancellation and visitor to Canada Insurance to clients all across Ontario for several years. We provide personalized service, and we are here when there is claim that needs special attention. We represent about 20 companies, and provide coverage for some of the most difficult cases to underwrite, on a cost effective basis.

We also have special plans that cover sports teams traveling out of country or out of province. Most policies are vacation policies, but we have policies available for people working outside Canada also.

Out of Country Emergency Medical: Many companies offer emergency medical coverage for new medical conditions that take place after departure. The real task is in providing coverage for pre-existing conditions. We will help you find the best coverage for any medical conditions.

Out of Province Emergency Medical: Many people have concerns about traveling within Canada and this coverage can be quite economical. Most (not all) provinces have reciprocal agreements in place with OHIP and anything that would have been covered by OHIP at home would be covered in most other provinces. However, there are many things that OHIP does not cover. Simple things like casts, crutches etc. are relatively inexpensive. However, there can be some expensive items like ground and air ambulance that are much more expensive in other provinces. Also, there are the details like return of automobile benefits, and emergency flights home that can be expensive.

Trip Cancellation: Typically, this type of insurance needs to be purchased within a couple days of a trip becoming non-refundable. The purpose is to provide reimbursement of pre-paid expenses relating to a trip such as airline ticket, cruise ticket, accommodation. If you cannot go on the trip because of a covered emergency, you will be reimbursed up to the limits within the policy. It is important to know that pre-existing conditions may not be covered.

Trip Interruption: This is usually included with Trip Cancellation and becomes effective after departure. If you need to return home due to a covered emergency, this will reimburse you for out of pocket expenses. Please note these expenses usually must be pre-approved. Some of the things that may be covered might include death or serious illness of a close family member at home, house fire etc. Read your policy booklet for specific coverages.

Visitor to Canada: When people come to Canada for a short visit or if they are immigrating here, they are not covered by our Government Health Insurance Plans (OHIP). It is wise for them to consider a Visitor to Canada Insurance plan. It can be arranged in advance or upon arrival. There are more choices if this is arranged within 2 days of arrival. After that, there may be some temporary conditions in effect. If the visitor is working in Canada, it may be possible that we can arrange disability insurance also.

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